Community Empowerment Efforts

  • Nur Kholifatul Hikmawati Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel Surabaya


Empowering the community is an effort to increase the dignity of the grass root, which with all its limitations has not been able to escape the trap of poverty, ignorance and backwardness, so that community empowerment is not only strengthening individuals but also existing social institutions. Instilling modern cultural values ​​such as hard work, frugality, openness, responsibility is an important part of empowerment efforts. Indeed, community empowerment is based on the principle of how a society can be completely independent on the many shortcomings that exist so that it becomes self-potential in empowering the community both socially, economically, thinking and all aspects of life. Community development is based on the ideal that people can and should take responsibility for formulating needs, seeking prosperity, managing natural and human resources and realizing their own life goals.