Living Sufism in SIHATSU (Silat Hati Suci): Practices and Impact

  • Alvi Nour Sholihah UIN WALISONGO
Keywords: Sihatsu, Tarekat Qadiriyah Wan Naqsabandiyah al-Utsmaniyah, Sufi Healing.


This article discusses one of the phenomena in Gresik Regency, precisely in Bunga District, there is an inner power silat school called Sihatsu in which it only teaches three movements that begin with filling different from martial arts schools in general. This study used a qualitative method with a phenomenological approach to field research which found elements of living sufism in this college, namely the Sihatsu college based on the Qadiriyah wan Naqsabandiyah al-Utsmaniyah tarekat, this is because the teachers from this college are direct students of Syekh Utsman al-Ishaqy (murshid tarekat. Qadiriyah Wan Naqsabandiyah in Surabaya). The teachings that are required for students of this college are Riyadhah and Mujahadah bersanad from Sheikh Uthman al-Ishaqy. From Mujahadah and Riyadhah each student can pour it into medicine by using verses of the al-Qur'an or commonly known as Sufi Healing.