Efforts to Overcome Procrastination through Individual Construction Using Self-Introspection Methods in Achieving Santri Scholarship Program Students (PBSB)

  • Alfiyah Laila Afiyatin Mahasiswa
Keywords: procrastination; individual counseling; self-introspection


The purpose of this article is to find out the description of student procrastination and the
implications of counseling individuals with self-introspection techniques to overcome
procrastination. This research was conducted on seventh semester Santri Achievement Scholarship
Program (PBSB) students, data collection techniques were carried out by interview and observation.
Subjects were 7 students and special subjects for in-depth interviews of 3 students, with the aim of
deep meaning. The results of the study and discussion are that the general picture of student
procrastination can be seen from postponement, laziness, and delay. While the impact of the
application of self-introspection (muhasabah) by students in overcoming procrastination is to reduce
procrastination, which is evident from the following indicators: first consideration before taking
action, careful on activities that are priority, create better change.