Efforts to prevent conflict and violence in educational institutions

  • Febrihada Gahas Candramukti Islamic Building School of JagadAlimussirry Surabaya
Keywords: Prevention efforts, violent conflict, educational institutions


Every educational institution would want a conducive and peaceful atmosphere in the
school environment within the scope of teaching and learning. This does not only apply to certain
levels, but almost at various levels of elementary, junior high school, high school and the like. But in
the school environment there is still intense conflict and violence, there are several types of conflict
and violence in the educational environment which are examined using qualitative descriptive types
with the theory of conflict and violence approach, including: Types without conflict, open conflict,
surface conflict and conflict. The components of violence are structural violence and cultural
violence. Preventive action that should be done is first to socialize the type of punishment for the
perpetrators of violence, secondly to design or implement a polite school system.